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Post-modernism Fallout

Although I was never a student in any of the post-modern history classes, they were decidedly present in my late 1980s college. Gay history. Feminist history. Black history.

And as a gay man, I made an effort to read books that re-emphasized the role of gay men and women throughout history. Especially on our history. Books that dealt with Stonewall and the gay liberation movement.

But the overall result of this is a fractured history. People need to have a comprehensive view of history that encompasses all of the minority viewpoints. There should be no need for separate hyphenated histories. All of our histories should be told as one.

Yes, that would make textbooks and class content much denser, but it would also make them much richer, and would offer everyone the chance to see themselves reflected within history’s pages without the need to break apart into dedicated courses at the university level.

I know there is some effort to do this, but I also know it is met with resistance. It is hard to change the normative approach.