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The Age of Fingers

Digital refers to fingers, after all, as well as it does to numbers, and I suppose this deepens our connection to counting on our digits.

In a way, it is odd that there is a fetish for pixellation when the resolution of both monitors and printers is such, now, that a photographer like myself has long been able to produce images that are indistinct from their analog form, and, in fact, some photographers, working in digital media, fel the need to add in film grain to roughen the incredible smoothness of the digital image.

I can see how the fetish harkens back to earlier resolutions. Although I was not much of a gamer, I did do some elementary programming on the Atari and Apple II in the early 1980s and those computers had screens with low resolutions and low color yields or even, for the Apple, monochrome yields. So I admit to the nostalgia.

And although I may not understand it very much, nostalgia has often been a driving force in art and design.